Featured Couple | Jill & Jesse - Engagement Session

I met Jill actually shooting her friend, Gina’s wedding at Russo’s On The Bay at Howard Beach, NY in June of last year! (Gina’s wedding was fantastic if you were wondering) Jill really liked the way that I worked with Gina and Andrew because we were so comfortable with each other and so soon after Gina’s wedding was over, I got a call from Jill saying that she wanted to work with me for her engagement and wedding as well!

While my clients usually want to meet first, I was surprised to see Jill so enthusiastic to sign with me just over the phone. I felt that working briefly with her during Gina’s wedding left such a good impression that she was willing to trust me for her own. Of course, this meant that her engagement session was unique in that it was our second time working together when usually the engagement session is when I get to know my bride and groom best.

Jill and Jesse were wonderful to work with! They were fun and comfortable with me and most importantly with themselves. Many people think that a great photographer is in his or her technical ability but as you can see it’s also about interacting and building a good relationship with the bride and groom. They’re trusting me with shooting their once-in-a-lifetime event and that can sometimes be a stressful process but I could tell that Jill and Jesse were able to be themselves in front of the camera. Take a look at some of the photos and you’ll see how natural and emotion-filled their session was!

We started the shoot in their apartment in Brooklyn Heights right by the water just this past November, and it was great to see that Jesse was also very interested in photography! He had many of his prints framed and hanging on the walls and I could see he was quite skilled. We moved on from their apartment and took to the streets of Brooklyn just in time for the sunset and the lighting was great and warm.

Jill and Jesse really were enjoying themselves which made this shoot go very well! At one point, they were even dancing through the streets straight out of a Disney love story. And most important of all? This was all genuine which was not only pleasant to see but heartwarming to experience.

As a photographer, I spend my time capturing people in all sorts of conditions, sometimes a baby is upset and crying, other times the bride is absolutely touched by a speech, and sometimes everyone is going wild having fun. But most of all I enjoy shooting a couple that is genuinely in love with each other. You can’t help but be happy for them and it reminds you of the joys of photography knowing that you’re saving these great memories for a lifetime!

I know I’m looking forward to shooting their wedding in March at The St. Regis New York in Midtown Manhattan and so stay tuned for another update once I do! I’m sure it’ll be a great night filled with joy and the celebration of love!