TJ & Stella 

TJ & Stella 

What makes TJ one of the best wedding photographers in NYC? His eye for photography, which is defined by his education in fine art along with his high standards for professionalism, is a leader in the modern wedding photography aesthetic. While his photographs may strike you as luxurious, they never lose the personality and care that TJ has for all of the people he has worked with. He does more than just capture a moment, he showcases your individuality and highlights the memories that you're forming.

His work has been described as having a "unique, almost quirky" appeal to them which owe to his depth of understanding of photography. This is a skill that can only be built by years of experience that you will rarely find elsewhere.

He has covered a wide range of wedding styles from rustic country-side affairs to elegant "city-life" celebrations. With experience working both within and out of the continental US, having been invited to many destination weddings, and with recognition from high-end wedding resources like Grace Ormonde, you can rest assured that quality and comfort are both consistent and to be expected.

To learn more, check out the extended biography below.


Photography has been an integral part of TJ's life since his early high school years. After arriving in the United States in 1988, TJ was given his first camera as a gift from his father. It was the Pentax MX, rocking Tri-X 400 and T-Max 100 as his go to films. Photography, as TJ soon found out, was a way for him to connect with, relate to, and interact with the vastly new environment he found himself in. His photos became synonymous with his voice.

The odd thing about this particular camera was that the light meter was broken and so TJ started taking photos while having to learn, by trial and error (and lots of cash), the correct exposure for every new setting that he encountered. It was hard and frustrating but with each roll of film that was discarded TJ’s determination and skill grew ever stronger.


TJ truly fell in love with photography when he first witnessed the birth of a picture from a roll of film in his high school’s darkroom. As he saw the photo slowly develop from a blank page into a work of art his heart was captivated by the way photography captured much more than what meets the eye. The joy that he felt then still drives his photography today.


His academic career progressed into studying at the School of Visual Arts in New York to graduate in ’96. From there TJ bounced around from several studios working as an assistant until he landed in Jan Staller’s studio. TJ worked for five years with Jan and together they created a friendship that lasts to this day. It was TJ’s first long term position in years. From then on, TJ had his work shown in several group exhibitions such as the Woodstock Annual Benefit in 1999 and 2000, and the Sadi Gallery with Samsung also in 2000.


In 2005, TJ and his family moved to South Korea for a year after hearing of his mother’s illness and there he was featured in numerous fashion magazines (e.g. Cosmopolitan Korea, Vogue Korea) and opened his first studio, Play Studio. After spending time with his parents and rejuvenated by his mother’s full recovery, TJ came back to the states with his family to officially begin his solo career. He started Angel Project Wedding, Inc. in 2006 and shifted his attention away from fashion to apply what he had learned- in wedding photography. Shortly after, as word spread and his photographs garnered fame people began to rave about his photos, professionalism, and great personality.


As more and more people began to book with him he never lost sight of how photography affected him as a young teenager all those years ago and with renewed drive he has set his sights on NYC as the center of his personal work. And now, finally, after decades in the making, TJ’s dream has been realized and you are a part of it.